Zeo Mio

Zeo Mio is a multifunciolnal and compact old style travel system. Carrycot and stroller seat in one unit. Steel frame and big foam wheels ensure durability and comfort for your baby. Reflective elements helps You stay safe and visible. Best quality at affordable price . Zeo Mio pram are equipped in reversible handle so You can stay face to face with your baby or let the baby explore the world. Loads of free accessories  make this set complete and ready for use,big shopping basket underneath ensures nice shopping experience.

What is included in the set:
– Carrycot with stroller unit
– Steel frame with foam swivel wheels
– Diper bag
– Rain cover
– Mosquito net
– Play tray
– Car seat (optional)
– sviwel wheels with blocking function
– Safety barier
– Apron
– Shopping basket
– 5 points safety belts
– Adjustable footrest
– Reversible handle
– Adjustable backrest
– Ventilation window perfect for hot summer days
– Adjustable handle height
– Pocket

– Closed stroller: 90/60/42 cm – 13.4 Kg
– Stroller open: 116/60/115 cm
– Carrycot : 72/30 cm
– Wheels: 24/30 cm

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